Here you can find a curated selection of vintage apparel and accessories in collaboration with some resellers and private collectors. From vintage tees, sweatshirts, windbreakers and even some high-end streetwear, we have it all here. We are updating the selection as often as possible; seeing as it’s really hard to get a hold of most vintage stuff, however, updates will be highly irregular. Naturally, there’s only one piece of each item.

Also, please bear in mind that the majority of our items are worn and not in the original condition (save for a few rare exceptions). In many cases, this means that the individual item will have lost its original color, have holes in it, or is stained. We are trying to be as transparent and detailed as possible when it comes to the condition of vintage apparel. Please check the measurements and condition for each individual item carefully — in some cases, a size L, for example, was a completely different thing back in the 90s. We hope you’re enjoying looking through our collection.