Bimstore debuted on February 2013 when our Founder & CEO, Bimby Arlegui, noticed an increasing demand for sneakers. And with his natural entrepreneur spirit and a vision, Laguna-born Bimby finally decided to give life to his lifelong dream of having his own sneaker store, Bimstore—named after his own name.

 As years passed by, our love for sneakers did not change a bit that is why we didn’t have a hard time embracing and loving what we are doing up until now despite the ups and downs. This is our passion. We wanted to make Bimstore a common ground to connect to other people who have the same passion like us.


We are all about innovations and following what the market really needs. And because we are from the province, most of our clients order online that is why the demand of online orders is high everytime. And on November 2018, we decided to build our very own online store. And just like our exceptional physical store, we strive to bring the latest in-demand brands to our shoppers online at bimstoreph.com.
In addition to easy and convenient shopping, bimstoreph.com is updated on a daily basis with the most current urban lifestyle content available, making our web store an all-in-one destination for shopping and entertainment. Above all, focusing on the needs of our customers, and keeping up with emerging lifestyle and fashion trends continues to be our key to success and longevity.